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El Saltadero Natural Monument

The El Saltadero Natural Monument was created with the purpose of conserving one of the most beautiful and unique waterfalls on the Cabrera Promontory and providing special protection to the most attractive freshwater spa in the municipality that bears the same name.

Whose proximity to the tourist centers of the area and the beauty of the very humid forest that serves as a carpet and protection, gives it an unlimited potential for the practice of ecotourism, recreation and the conservation of the associated biodiversity, values ​​that can be exploited according to the driving category under which it will be protected from now on.

After walking a few meters from the entrance, you reach a particularly magical corner, a small waterfall, in which the locals make jumping exhibitions to offer an unforgettable show to visitors. To go down to its waters, you have to cross a bridge and go down a wooden staircase. Already in the place, the colors of the stone, the water, the sky and the vegetation are combined as if they were the watercolor of the best painter.

Despite the fact that its waters are not that deep, the young people of the town have learned to make truly impressive jumps, in order to earn a tip and produce some money. It is important to use repellent, due to its geographical formation and vegetation, it is a little sunny area.

People must preserve the environment and stop throwing garbage in these earthly paradises that Nature and God gave us, it is important that by taking care of each place where we enjoy, we are preserving our planet, so let’s take care of it.

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