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Bayaguana High jump, a unique place in the country!

The Bayaguana High jump has 3 streams that gently fall into a beautiful natural pool surrounded by exuberant vegetation. The environment is so beautiful that it will make you question reality, it is located in the municipality of Bayaguana, province of Monte Plata.

This jump is of wonderful beauty, surrounded by virgin nature, its name is due to its three high-rise waterfalls that fall into the shallow natural pool and have a height of more than 10 meters.

This jump is impressive because of how high it is, hence the name. The force of the 3 waterfalls is powerful and that is why it will fascinate you. When taking a bath, you can make a mud mask made from rocks in the river to soften your skin.

Bayaguana High jump is an attraction for anyone looking for a relaxing place, with fresh, crystal clear waters and accompanied by the sound of waterfalls, falls in love with all the attributes it possesses, it should be noted that although the journey is for adventurers, it is a dream place .

This natural area is made up of three imposing waterfalls over 10 meters high that fall from the flow of the Bayaguana River. It is also made up of abundant tropical vegetation and it is uniquely beautiful in its style that adorns that place.

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How to get to Bayaguana High jump: