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Jump of 12, a wonder of Monte Plata!

Jump of 12 is a wonderful gift with rich resources to show, located in the community of Gonzalo we have a great natural lung such as Río Boyá, el 12 or the falls of 12, an incredible paradise that falls in love with our senses.

This beautiful hydrographic source has its source in the Gonzalo Municipal District, specifically to the south of this population with more than 60 kilometers long, it is fed by several ravines and springs that drain its waters, making this one of the most important, not only in the municipality of Sabana Grande de Boyá, but also in our Monte Plata Province.

Its waters rest in the Sabita River, also born in Sabana Grande de Boyá, flowing Sabita into the Ozama, which also originates in this Province, especially in Yamasá, in the mountains, until it flows into the Caribbean Sea.

In the river area there is a large number of plant species, characterized by humid forest, typical of the area. The supply source of the aqueduct that supplies water to Sabana Grande de Boyá, is supplied from Río Boyá.

Also in the area, a great tourist attraction that in recent times has been taking a great boom, is the Salto del 12, where dozens of foreigners visit the place to enjoy: the exuberant beauty of the place, the different scenarios natural, the song of the little birds that make this their habitat, the sound of the waters in their journey through the stones and finally live one of the best journeys that any adventurer would like to have; as well as in these times of platforms and social networks, take a good photograph that visitors would take as memories of the trip made.

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