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Crystal Lagoon, a rich place with many attractions!

The Crystal Lagoon is a beautiful source of fresh water at the gates of Los Haitises National Park, north of the province of Monte Plata, which has a unique beauty for its natural attractions and the peace it gives us.

The lagoon is fed by groundwater that comes from the neighboring park. From the lagoon comes a small navigable river for a few hundred meters that feeds the Barracote River, which then flows into the San Lorenzo Bay. It would be about 200 meters deep and 70 meters in diameter.

Crystal Lagoon is lost in the middle of the vegetation, it is a little known and little visited tourist attraction. It is an area protected by the Ministry of the Environment, the surrounding inhabitants (700 inhabitants) live from agricultural production, breeding and fishing, it is a rural area for lovers of nature and ecotourism. Local residents claim to have seen the lagoon monster. Myth or Reality.

It is a protected area, located at the foot of one of the mountains that begins the Los Haitises National Park along the dividing line between the provinces of Monte Plata, Samaná, María Trinidad Sánchez and Duarte.

The crystalline color of its waters is acquired, according to the locals, by the penetration of the sun’s rays that filter through the treetops. Many believe that the crystallinity of the water is due to the depth of the lake.

It is a suspension surrounded by water in the middle of the tropical forest, where the natural scenic beauties force you to enjoy it with a bath, in its adjacent areas significant samples of humid and pluvial forests are cradled, which contribute significantly to the condensation of vapor of water from the trade winds, which cause heavy rains in the Eastern Coastal Plains.

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