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Knoll Seven Peaks, beautiful protected area!

The Knoll Seven Peaks National Park is an interesting natural formation that was converted into a National Park and the province of Monte Plata that belongs to the Dominican Republic. It should be noted that the Sierra de Yamasá culminates in the hill of Siete Picos or Siete Cabezas, because it is well known and feeds more than 20 rivers in the municipal districts of the Monte Plata province.

Its scenic beauty is imposed by various waterfalls and streams of crystal clear water that emanate from the mountains that converge there, and the name with which it was baptized is given based on the peaks that emerge from the exuberant mountain range, It is the new Loma Los Siete Picos, recently declared as a protected area of ​​the Dominican Republic through decree 659-21 by the Executive Branch.

The decree establishes that the Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources must execute said decree in order to carry out the management, management and administration of the Knoll Seven Peaks National Park, being empowered, in addition, to carry out on behalf of the State , prior authorization of the Executive Power, the direct purchase or exchange of land from individuals who are within the environment and enforce the measure ordered by the president.

Among the aspects to issue the declaration of this space is saving, knowing and using, according to its management category, biodiversity, ecosystems, environmental services, ecological processes, hydrographic basins, as well as the cultural resources associated with the place.

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